Proof of Delivery





Proof of delivery could not be easier at Libra Trans, with PODs now available online. Simply register on line, then order on line and we will attach your POD to your order, for you to reference.


The front end of our system is easier to use, and allows you to pinpoint a specific consignment, on a given date, or date range. We will store them on our server for as long as you require, allowing you to download at anytime.


We can also facilitate the use of own company PODs, and can arrange for these to be scanned and emailed on monthly basis. We also have our own in-house manifest sheets, which are stored and scanned and held on our database and we guarantee a signature for every delivery.


We fully understand the requirement for PODs now more than ever in the current market, with customers coming under increasing pressure to provide PODs, in an effort to secure payment.


All email requests


Verbal Pods can be provided in realtime.